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Hand portable, all-weather aircraft-side weighing of parcel cargo.
Automatically tallys each item and totalizes all weight, hands-free.
Total weight and item count automatically stored in non-volitile memory.
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Auto-add mode for hands free operation
Long lasting rechargeable battery
Hand portable, light weight
Outdoor rated
All aluminum chasis
Stands upright for storage
Item tally and total weight stored in non-volitile, eraseable memory
Manual-add mode available
Last-item delete function
Includes AC adapter/charger
MNL ADD: In Manual Add mode, press to add item.
ON: Power on.
DISPLAY: Selects information displayed.
MODE: Selects operating mode.
HOLD/RUN: Holds weight of itme on scale, returns to operating mode.
UNDO: Deletes last transaction from memory.
ZERO: Zeros out trace weight indicated when scale is not loaded.
Allows an item to be placed on scale and entered as a deletion to the memory.

Display resolution: 30,000
Analog to digital conversion: 2,000,000
Input voltage: -3 ~30mvDC
Excitation circuit: 5VDC
Load cell maximum: 8, 350 ohm
Operating temperature: -40°F -- 160°F
Power: 110VAC 9VDC adapter
Please contact us for details regarding options, pricing and availability.
Call toll free within USA: (800) 238-0152