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10' x 10', 20,000 lb capacity air cargo ULD container scale with full wrap-around ramps.
The low profile, surface-mounted TS20KD-1010 Air Cargo Container Scale eliminates the need for scale pit, and can be relocated.
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Super Low Profile, Only 3" Tall
Engineered For Weighing Air Cargo Containers
1/2" Steel Deck Plate
Wrap Around Ramps
Two Piece Deck Design
Durable Two-Part Epoxy Paint Finish
Stainless Steel Junction Box
15' Interface Cable
Indicator Mounting Stand
Platform Size: 10' (L) x 10' (W) x 3" (H)
Eight (8) Wrap Around Ramps: 15' (L) x 60" (W) x 3" (H)
Capacity: 20,000 lb x 10 lb
Six Premium Alloy Steel Nickel Plated Load Cells
Hermetically Sealed Load Cells
Load Cell Capacity is 2 times the Scale Capacity
Built in Overload Protection
NEMA 4x Stainless Steel Watertight Junction Box
Indicator Model 7600E
NEMA 4x Watertight Stainless Steel Enclosure
Bright Easy-To-Read LED Display
Easy Operation with Full Numeric Keypad
LB / KG Conversion
Key-in Tare Function
Two Built In RS-232 Communications Ports
Tilt Adjustable Wall or Desk Mount Stand
Weigh In / Weigh Out Mode
120-240 VAC Power
Please contact us for details regarding options, pricing and availability.
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