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In-line conveyor weighing of air cargo parcels, automatically totals all parcels.
Lockable, fully castoring pneumatic wheels.
Total weight and item count automatically stored in non-volitile memory.
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Auto-add mode for hands free operation
Long lasting rechargeable battery
Pneumatic tires for easy rolling to/from locations
Outdoor rated
All steel cart, fully coated epoxy paint finish
Self lubricating rollers
Item tally and total weight stored in non-volitile, eraseable memory
Manual-add mode can be selected
Last-item delete function
Includes AC adapter/charger
MNL ADD: In Manual Add mode, press to add item.
ON: Power on.
DISPLAY: Selects information displayed.
MODE: Selects operating mode.
HOLD/RUN: Holds weight of itme on scale, returns to operating mode.
UNDO: Deletes last transaction from memory.
ZERO: Zeros out trace weight indicated when scale is not loaded.
Allows an item to be placed on scale and entered as a deletion to the memory.

Display resolution: 30,000
Analog to digital conversion: 2,000,000
Input voltage: -3 ~30mvDC
Excitation circuit: 5VDC
Load cell maximum: 8, 350 ohm
Operating temperature: -40°F -- 160°F
Power: 110VAC 9VDC adapter
Please contact us for details regarding options, pricing and availability.
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