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Triner VP-70 USPS Postal Scale
The VP-70 sets the new standard in price/value for full-feature rate calculating postal scales.
Triner VP-70 USPS Postal Scale
Oversize, easy to read display and simple operation are key features of the VP-70.
High-precision piece count mode meets and exceeds USPS requirements.
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USPS Retail and Commercial Rates
Programmable Shortcut Keys
Automatic Hold Feature
Manual Weight Mode
Automatic ZIP to Zone Conversion
Precision, Piece Counting with Advanced Features
Country List alphabetically lists all countries for on-screen selection
User Programmable Favorite Country List
Time / Date Feature
Change Zip / Country Function
RS-232 Port
Capacity: 0 - 7 lb x 0.1 oz & 7 - 70 lb x 0.5 oz
Dimensions: Platform: 10” x 9” / Overall: 13” x 10.75” x 4.25”
Manual Weight Mode
SPECIAL FEATURE: High-Precision Piece Count Mode