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The TMU-295 is the smallest ticket printer available today and provides reliable, user-friendly operation.
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The world's smallest slip printer
Ideal for use with POS terminals on counters or teller stations
Four print sizes and four print directions
"Page mode" enables customized print location on the document
Easy-to-operate touch panel
Automatic paper eject function
Interfaces: RS-232C, Bi-directional parallel
Unit Dimensions:
180 x 190.5 x 101.5mm (W x D x H) {7.1" x 7.5" x 4.0"}
Color: Epson cool white
Print Method:
7 pin, shuttle impact dot matrix
Print Speed: 2.1 lps
Paper/Slip Dimensions:
80 to 182 x 69 to 257mm (W x L) {3.15 to 7.17 x 272 to 10.12”}
Please contact us for details regarding options, pricing and availability.
Call toll free within USA: (800) 238-0152