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Economical, reliable palletjack scale built to withstand heavy-use environments.
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Quick Easy Setup
High Accuracy
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Raises Efficiency and Simplifies Logistic Processes
Saves Time and Space
Durable Two-Part Epoxy Paint Finish
Low Power Consumption
Automatic Shutoff
Steering Wheels: Polyurethane
Loading Wheels: Polyurethane, Single
Quick Lift Pump
Fork Length: 47.5"
Fork Width: 6.7”
Minimum Fork Height: 3.25"
Lifting Height: 8"
Width Over Forks: 27"
Height to Top of Indicator: 20"
Capacity: 5,000 lb x 2 lb
Four Premium Alloy Steel Nickel Plated Load Cells
Load Cell Capacity is 2 times the Scale Capacity
Built in Overload Protection
Easy-To-Read LED Display
Easy 4 Button Operation
Automatic and Manual Zero Correction
Gross / Net Weighing
Totalizing Feature
Low Battery Warning
NEMA 4 Indicator Enclosure
Power: Four (4) AA-Batteries - Allows Operation Time of 1 Year at 5 Weighings Per Day