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The RD-45SL adds a large-size Stop/Go LED to the popular RD-45 model.
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Big, ultra-efficient LED display
4.5” digits
Visible up to 250 feet
Auto-Learn Technology
5 standard communication protocols
Selectable day & night brightness levels
Power Save mode
Weatherproof enclosure
Non-glare lens (optimized for LED clarity)
Mirrored display mode
Leading zero suppression
Optically isolated port for lightning protection
Easy to use WIRELESS option
Limited Alphanumeric capabilities
NEW! Standard Time & Date
NEW! Keypad selectable configuration, options and diagnostics!
NEW! Temperature Display Option!
Pre-installed utility programs for axle weighing, traffic light control, and more…
  - High intensity (GA Al In P) LED lamps
  - 6 digits (7 segments each)
  - 1 or 2 decimal places
  - 4 annunciator lights (GR, NT, lb, kg)
  - RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Multi-drop, 20 mA Current Loop (Active & Passive)
Data Format:
  - Auto-Learns Data strings, Baud Rate, Data Bits, Parity, and Stop Bits
  - Command mode for custom strings
Power Requirements:
  - 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  - Consumption: 1 A (25 W)
  - Stainless steel enclosure
  - Breather vent (prevents condensation)
  - Tough, dependable, and weatherproof
Dimensions: 24” x 10” x 5”
Weight: 18 lb (9 kg)
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 50°C)
Please contact us for details regarding options, pricing and availability.
Call toll free within USA: (800) 238-0152