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Advanced function, economical digital indicator specifically designed for weigh bars and livestock weighing.
NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure with quick-connect sockets.
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NTEP Approved, Class III
Bright Easy-To-Read Six Digit Backlit LCD Display
Easy, 8-Button Operation
Tare/Gross/Net Function
RS-232 Port with DB9 Connector
Tilt-Adjustable Stand for Wall or Stand Mounting
Lb to kg Conversion
Checkweighing: Hi, Low, Okay
Weight Accumulation/Totalizing
Ticket Printer Compatible
PC Compatible
PC Datalog™ Data Logging Software Compatible
Remote Display Compatible
110 VAC Power
NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure
On/Off: Power on/power off.
Total: Accumulates total of multiple weighings.
Total: Accumulates total of multiple weighings.
Kg/lb: Instantly converts displayed weight from lb to kg.
Gross: Displays gross weight after tare weight is displayed.
Tare: Displays Tare weight.
Zero: Returns displayed weight to zero.
Print: Prints weigh data to ticket printer, or displays weigh data in remote display,
or sends weigh data to PC.

Display resolution: 30,000
Analog to digital conversion: 2,000,000
Input voltage: -3 ~30mvDC
Excitation circuit: 5VDC
Load cell maximum: 8, 350 ohm
Operating temperature: -40°F -- 160°F
Power: 110VAC 9VDC adapter