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Triner 600 LP and 600 SB check in counter baggage scales feature a central control module and flush mount dual displays and keypad.
Nuetral design theme of the Triner 600 airport baggage scale accommodates diverse cabinetry styles. Display shows totalized weight.
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Dual flush mount digital displays with brushed stainless steel trim
High visibility ½" LED displays
Flush mount or bracket mount remote keypad with baggage accumulation function
Simple four key operation (Zero, LB/KG, Print, Accumulate)
Remote mount control box
Kit includes all inter-connecting cables and mounting hardware
Over-weight alert feature
Designed and engineered for maximum reliability and durability
Model: 600E
NTEP approved, Class III, COC# 89-144
In-line automatic switching power supply 100-240 VAC
Three quick connect DB9 cables in 12 ft. lengths
Load cell maximum: 4 at 350 ohm
LED display
Operating temperature: -10° C to +40° C
Full duplex RS-232 connection for printer or PC

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